Using validDB with erwin Data Modeler

The validDB add-in for erwin Data Modeler 9.8 or later allows you to run validDB directly from erwin and provides a seamless one-click synchronization experience.

Download the validDB Data Modeler Add-In



Using the validDB Data Modeler Add-In

After installing the add-in validDB will available on the erwin Add-In menu.

Launching the validDB Data Modeler Add-In

Clicking "validDB" from the erwin Add-In menu opens the validDB window. After logging in (or signing up if you don't already have an account) you'll see a list of open models.

Clicking "Sync" will forward engineer the model to a validDB database. After the sync has completed you can click the model name to open it up and begin entering data to ensure that the model fits your requirements.

Subsequent syncs will replace the current validDB database with a new database that reflects the updated model.

For more information about using validDB visit the validDB User's Guide.