The Fastest Way to Collect Validated Learning from Stakeholders

Effective August 14th, 2021, validDB is no longer available to the public. Please visit to learn about other products and services for the agile data architect.
validDB dynamically transforms data models into working software that empowers Agile data architects to collect the maximum amount of validated learning from stakeholders with the least effort.

Empowers Agile Data Architects

validDB provides what Agile values most: working software. validDB delivers working software that allows missing, hidden and changing requirements to be identified quickly without the time, expense and brittleness of programming.

validDB’s SaaS model and collaboration features make collecting validated learning from stakeholders easy.

Much More Than CRUD

validDB dynamically produces a unified experience through the rich use of relationships to produce one-to-one subforms, one-to-many subforms, foreign key lookups, and seamless navigation throughout the database.

validDB exposes features to create, retrieve, update and delete rows and even execute stored procedures based upon the permissions of each user.

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Empowering the Agile Data Architect

All too often data architects are brought in to address technical debt after a project has begun to show signs of failure. We’ll look at ways for a data architect to be a proactive, contributing member of an Agile team working towards a common goal using the combination of validDB and erwin DM.

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